L Gil Sod

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Bahia 400sq/ft

St. Augustine/ 500sq/ft(Floratam) 

Palmetto 500sq/ft

Seville 500sq/ft 

Bitter Blue (Not available until further notice) 

Empire Zoysia 500sq/ft

Bermuda 500sq/ft

__________________________________NEW* Provista 


Full Pallet                                              250.00

(Minimum to order, 1 Pallet)

Special Order*


Cypress Blend (70-80 Bags per pallet) 

Large Pine Nugget (70 Bags per pallet)

Mini Pine Nugget (70 Bags per pallet)

Red Mulch (70-80 Bags per pallet)

Black Mulch (70-80 Bags per pallet)

Brown Mulch (70-80 Bags per pallet)

Topsoil (60 Bags per pallet)

*There are no taxes added to the price of any product we sell. All you have to pay for is: product, and delivery fee depending on amount and distance!

*We do not charge a deposit for empty pallets, but if you bring them back, we will buy them from you for $2 each! 

Additional Info:
* Bahia pallets are 400 Sqft. All other Pallets are 500 Sqft for full pallets. 
* 1 Pallet of Bahia contains approximately 150 Pieces of 2.66" Sqft each.  All other pallets contain  approximately 188 Pieces of 2.66" Sqft each.